Checkweigher CW1 for bags

Checkweigher CW1 for bags

Operating principle and use

The CW1 checkweigher is a weighing machine used for in-line control of weight of bulk materials packed in bags of 10 to 50 kg automatically conveyed.

In the most various industries the Sautelma Rotolok CW3 checkwigher allows to :

  • Check continuously the pre-packed products and reject the products with weight shortages (metrological checking for pre-packed units - legal trade).
  • Measure and totalize the weight of the production.
  • Correct automatically a volumetric weigh feeding by mean value feed-back control software for one or more weighing heads.

The CW1 checkweigher is made of five main parts:

  • A handling system including the supporting frame and a conveying belts
  • A weighing system by weighing plate including one or several load cells and the digital signal processing unit
  • An electrical control command cubicle ,
  • An electronics controller for control of all machine functions and data processing
  • A rejection system done by pneumatic pusher or retractable conveyor.

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