Checkweigher CW1 for boxes

Checkweigher CW1 for boxes

Operating principle and use

The CW1 checkweigher is a weighing machine used for in-line control of weight of any packed object (product) automatically conveyed.

In the most various industries and for the most various products (boxes, tubes, pastry boats, bags, jars…) the Sautelma Rotolok CW1 checkwigher allows to :

  • Check the weight of assembled packages and detect the missing (un-complete) boxes.
  • Categorize the products according to their weight.

The CW1 checkweigher is made of five main parts:

  • A handling system including the supporting frame and one three conveying belts
  • A weighing system by weighing plate including one or several load cells and the digital signal processing unit
  • An electrical control command cubicle,
  • An electronics controller for control of all machine functions and data processing
  • A rejection system adapted to the product packing

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