Big bags weighing

Big bags weighing and bagging DBB 1000

Operating principle and use

The DBB 1000 is a gravimetric feeding machine designed to deliver automatically a specific quantity of product into big bags according to weight set point.

Sautelma Rotolok DBB 1000 weighing and bagging machine can be used in all types of industries for any kind of powdered and granular materials.

Depending on customers’ needs and different degree of automation, Sautelma Rotolok can supply simple machine but also complete automated bagging lines which include other equipment such as:

  • Empty pallets distributor
  • Big bag compacting device (vibrating table, ….)
  • Roller conveyor
  • Wrap around machine
  • Access platform
  • Safety barrier
  • Dedusting station
  • Control command cubicle

Usually Sautelma Rotolok supply “turnkey” installations

Sautelma Rotolok propose two models of Big bag weighing & bagging machines :

  • “Evolution” which is more automated and faster system
  • “Economy” which is manual basic low cost equipment

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