Hopper bulk weigher

Hopper bulk weigher BCSR

Operating principle and use

The Bulk Hopper Weigher is a continuous weighing equipment which acts as discontinuous totalizer with non-constant batch weighing.

The weighing is made by a weighed hopper headed by a buffer hopper that collects the product during the weighing and emptying stages of the weighed hopper.

This equipment is especially well fitted for commercial transactions and highly accurate weighing of free flowing materials (cereals, fertilizers…) for ship loading & unloading applications.

The weighing cycle is managed by MiniSmart digital weighing controller (indicator):

The BCSR Bulk Hopper Weigher (tower) consist of folowing main parts:

  • Supporting frame (tower) adapted to the scale dimensions and weight.
  • Feeding (upper) hopper (silo) with one inlet chute and outlet flange
  • Clam Shell Gate pneumatically actuated which can be single, double or triple gate assembly.
  • There are two sets of gates, one for filing the weigh hopper and one for emptying the weighing hopper.
  • Weighing Hopper supported by 4 load cells fitted on a rectangular frame.
  • This weighing frame is supported by main tower frame.
  • Discharge (lower) hopper which deliver the material generally onto a belt
  • Conveyor which transfer it to the destination.
  • Weighing & Control command device including:
    • 4 highly accurate load cells
    • Digital signal amplifier
    • MINISMART OIML approved digital weighing indicator

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